What Did Walmart Miss In This Funny Commercial?

Walmart does a lot of things right in their marketing so it’s no wonder they’re the number 2 Fortune 500 company. Everyone once in a while they seem to miss something in their advertising and marketing. Today I’d like to show you a funny and overall good commercial released by Walmart. There is one big thing they missed during this commercial and it’s something that a lot of advertisers seem to miss. Check out the commercial below, then I’ll talk more about it

So what was that big thing they missed? A call to action! Sure they gave some nice benefits of going to Walmart versus another similar store but honestly without a call to action they’re missing out on easily $1,000s (probably a lot more).

They should have simply added a funny call to action at the end and this commercial and it would have been at least 5 times more effective. Something like, “Stop in to Walmart today because you’re not getting any younger.”

There you have it, a call to action that relates to the message, adds humor and most importantly gets viewers to actually want to go to Walmart soon because they were actually told to and were given a reason why (not getting any younger).

3 Responses to What Did Walmart Miss In This Funny Commercial?

  • Awww, I missed the funny video from WalMart.
    While the video is no longer available, your ‘call to action’ still rings true. Quite often I have a hard time remembering that part. I spend too much time in consumer mode and not enough time in marketer mode.

    Maybe that is how I can start making a better online income? Creating swipe files of all the calls to action and shiny object descriptions that have made ME want to buy. Then creating my products around those type of business models ??

    what you think, Jeff, that could work huh ??

  • Hey Jimmy swipe files are helpful as a reference but you can often come up with a good call to action just by thinking about it a little bit, calls to actions don’t have to be fancy they can be something simple the product should have already basically sold itself by the time they get to a call to action.

    Create products based of what you know, have experience with or simply look to solve a problem and you’ll be better off, instead of relying on trying to sell almost the same product but creating a unique hook.

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