19 Inches Of Snow In 24 Hours

The other day we got almost 20 inches of snow in 24 hours which is crazy for where I live in Michigan. I know most people hate snow but I’m more optimistic…

You see in order to love snow (or almost anything else) you need to find ways to enjoy it, for instance I like to snowboard and snowmobile. This gives me a positive attitude toward snow. I know for a fact if I didn’t snowboard and/or snowmobile I wouldn’t like snow.

…both are awesome sports to take up by the way

If you ever get the chance to try out either of these sports – do it!

You’ll find that you have a new outlook on snow and cold weather and while you still may not like driving in the snow at least you know of something that you can look forward to in the winter and snowy weather.

Hello And Welcome – Lifestyle Blog Day 1

Hi I’m Jeff Bode and this is the very first entry into my new personal blog. I’m very excited about this blog because it will give you an inside view into my life and allow us to both share our experiences.

My hope is to share both entertaining and informative stuff and to build up a base of returning visitors… hopefully including you.

Life is made to be a shared experience we all should share our lives and enjoy life through our experiences both first hand and sharing with others.

This blog was inspired by other popular lifestyle blogs like Tim Ferris – 4 hour work week blog and Virtual Business Lifestyle.

You’ll find that I’m into many of the same things as these blogs, there are a lot of other cool sites that have inspired me as well but I’ll save that for another day.

Be sure to come back and I’ll think you’re awesome!

Catch ya later,

Jeff Bode