Work Your Business From A Beach, Coffee Shop Or Mojave Desert Phone Booth

One of the best things you can do to have more freedom and still get work done is to make your business more mobile.The cool thing is with an online business you can work from almost anywhere like a beach, a coffee shop or even the Mojave desert phone booth (yes it’s a real place, but your reception my be bad).

I’m going to share a few things you can do to accomplish just that…

1. Get a laptop

I use my laptop 99% of the time and no longer use a desktop, personally I get more done with 2 monitors so make sure you get a laptop that can handle duel monitors you don’t realize how useful it is until you start using it.

My laptop is a 17″ HP and I love it because it’s big enough to easily get things done on, but the limitation is that it’s harder to travel with it. There are not many bags or carrying cases for a 17″ laptop.

2. Get a smart phone

This one is big, once you have a smart phone with internet access you’ll realize just how much more freedom you have to work wherever you want. I have an iPhone and the great thing about it is that there are a lot of cool apps which can allow you to get projects done where ever you are …even on the beach (believe me I’ve done it).

Plus it’s much cooler to carry around a smart phone than a laptop on the beach.

3. Get things synced an online

There are a lot of cool software and applications for syncing your smart phone with your laptop and storing more of your information online.

I’ll share a few that I’ve used the most (all are free)…

Evernote – this app allows you to store documents, notes, pdfs and multi-media… syncs it between your PC and phone. You could also store your stuff on your web server, I’ve done this by uploading content to a secure wordpress membership using wishlist. This way you can access a ton of content on you smart phone without allowing others to see it.

Skype – this can drain your battery fast on a smart phone but its cool to quickly check in and communicate with someone if you need to.

Google Voice – I use this to get all of my voicemails, the great thing is you can have them sent to your email (even in text format) or even make calls through Google voice. It’s definitely a cool app to have.

There are other ones but I’ll save that for another day, I’ve given you a ton of quality information you can use to make your business more mobile.

4 Responses to Work Your Business From A Beach, Coffee Shop Or Mojave Desert Phone Booth

  • Jeff awesome tips here that’s what I love about internet marketing – you can do it anywhere

    Now that I know what you use it’s going to be a lot easier for me to do that

  • Interesting Jeff I’m going to have to get Evernote and Google Voice for my iPhone.

    This is probably why most internet marketers have laptops instead of desktops.

    A pdf reader would be cool too if you have any suggestions

    • Hey Ron thanks for the comment, Evernote has a PDF reader, but you can also use an iPhone app called PDFreader which is specifically for PDFs – the lite version is free

  • Some other cool iPhone apps include
    myMind – for mindmaps (it’s free)
    Dragon Dictation – for recording your voice

    Even Facebook and Twitter apps are good to connect with friends and followers

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