Join Me Live Every Wednesday At 8 PM EST (My New Marketing Show)

I’m excited to be part of a huge opportunity right now. I have joined a group of top online business owners to talk each week on talk marketing now.

If you’re unfamiliar with this new concept listen up, it’s basically a live stream like an internet TV channel where you can interact via live chat or by talking while showing your web cam or computer screen.

We all know internet and TV are becoming more and more similar. People love to watch it appeals to all senses that’s why YouTube is the number 2 most visited website.

Talk Marketing Now brings it to a whole new level and presents a huge opportunity for people of similar interest to interact with each other 24 hours a day 7 days a week that will soon revolutionize how you spend your time online.

I know because there’s already a group of addicted fans… and I’m starting to become one of them.

If you want to find out what its all about you can join me live on Wednesday at 8 pm EST or come anytime to see some of the other speakers at You can also see more info about my show here

Don’t be surprised if it soon becomes the top visited site for internet marketers and online business owners.

4 Responses to Join Me Live Every Wednesday At 8 PM EST (My New Marketing Show)

  • Hey Jeff sounds awesome I missed your first show but definitely want to catch one soon

  • Jeff the value you provide on your show is HUGE, you could easily sell any of your show recordings and I would gladly pay for them

    • All of Jeff’s ‘free stuff’ could easily be sold, that’s what I love about this guy he really cares about us and provides tremendous value …all the time!

    • Oh wow thanks so much for all your support, I’m glad you’re getting a lot of value out of my shows… even if it’s from the recordings

      I would love to have you on live so you can ask questions (this applies to everyone reading this)

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