How To Make $10,000 Selling Info Products In 13 Weeks

Here it is the moment you’ve been waiting for as you know from my previous post I was kind of lazy when it came to creating new products (even though I’ve released over 20 in the last 2 years – some I didn’t personally create)

Check it out, this one method I’m sharing with you right now can make you over $10,000 selling information products – take it seriously. Listen the truth is creating info products is one of the best  ways to make a nice chunk of change FAST!

You need to find out what people want and then over deliver for the price they pay, plus follow this simple plan below. Trust me anyone can do this and I know because I have coaching students (some who don’t have much experience) who have made over $500 from there first product – pretty cool right?

So here’s the ‘Big Master Plan‘ that I came up with…

1 Come up with a high priced product idea that you could sell for $97 or more (just create a quick outline of main topics if you want to) – I’ve also used $47 products.

2 Break that info down into 3+ potential 1 problem – 1 solution products or products on a very specific subject.

3 Create 1 low priced product and release it (try to get some JV partners and affiliates to mail for this) – Warrior Special Offers are the best way to go in the internet marketing niche (because of the massive traffic and affiliates already there).

4 Finalize your plan for your high end product and make a judgment call if you have enough customers from your 1st low end product launch to sell a decent amount of spots in your high end product. If you think you have at least a hand full that will purchase your high end product go ahead and release it (if not wait until you do step 5).

For high end products I prefer to have a live Webinar class… it allows for interaction and questions/ideas to come up from the customers which usually leads to a better product.

5 Release your second low end product and have your one time offer be your higher priced product. Keep in mind a one time offer is presented immediately after they pay for the low end product and at a discounted price.

6 Continue to release more low end products that all sell the higher priced product as your one time offer. You’ll get ideas for these products as you produce both your high end product and other low end products …it’s awesome how the mind works like that.

So that’s it, the awesomeness of this plan is that you can create a snowball effect because as you release more products you can appeal to more JVs and affiliates… this leads to more customers as you release each product and potentially bigger and bigger launches each time or an increase in the potential of 1 of those product launches becoming a home run winner.

Just make sure to build an affiliate list which you can use for each launch and to make things great for affiliates give them a good deal like a high percentage commission on the front end products, since you’re going to make good money on your back end product anyways (which you don’t have to pay affiliates for).

The one time offer is extremely important – when done right it will make approximately the same amount of money your front end product makes.

Be Cool and simply tell me how you would use the $10k info marketing plan by leaving a comment right now below…

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  • Jeff this is truly awesome, I want to eventually implement this plan and do a big webinar course about how I create my niche marketing sites (maybe in a few months)

    Once again you over delivered on this one, like you always do

    Your new weekly show is awesome too

    • Awesome John why not get start putting things together now?

    • Just a quick comment: Blake, do you really want to threaten legal action based on an acituascon — that money sways loyalty and judgment — that you initiated on this thread?

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    • Lol – ok Morpheus! Here’s the rub. Many marketers don’t yet understand the true nature and therefore awesome potential of using the social networks for marketing. Take Twitter for instance. I believe the goal should be to develop a following based on intuitive trust, informed by professionalism, integrity, competence and consistency, whereby when the marketer puts forth an offering, his followers to whom the offer is a beneficial, will ask how many do you have?

  • Now it’s time to turn something YOU love to do in your spare
    time into $750 … $1,500 … $3,500 and upward per month.

    Money that comes in whether you’re working, sleeping,
    playing golf, or relaxing on the beach.

  • Thanks for this great insight Jeff. I only have one product at the moment but I can already see the potential of splitting that in to several entry-level products meaning I only have to come up with my high end product. Would never have thought of that myself!

    • Hey John, we all start somewhere… you can do this, just take that product and turn it into a high end product and go from there.

  • Simple, yet brilliant – just like most of the great business plans out there :)

    Great stuff, Jeff – thanks for sharing!

  • A great strategy, Jeff. Thank you. The timing couldn’t be better – I’m working on a product right now. I was debating doing it a big differently –
    1. Create a product that gives a lot of information in various categories for a very broad topic and sell that cheaply on the WSO. Get lots of hopefully good referrals.
    2. Beef the product up with videos and possibly mindmaps and bonus packages and sell it via, say, Clickbank for considerably more. Adding a few more referrals from guest reviewers.
    3. Then take different categories from the original product and present each one in much greater depth – first as another WSO product and then, with added material, out in the mainstream marketplace.
    What do you think of that approach?

    • Not a bad plan, you could sell them all as WSOs then turn them into Clickbank products… I still think having a one time offer which includes a combination of all of these would bring in a lot more money because like I was saying in the blog post a good one time offer can make as much (or more) than the front end product.

  • I can’t know about your business plan. how can i make money in selling information products. please easily describe about your plan.

    • Hi Kamal

      What would you like explained better?

      You can send me an email if you would feel more comfortable doing that

  • Great post Jeff. Do you know something funny? Just like Siobhan I was having a similar brain wave this morning getting ready to launch my first WSO. I think back-end sales is where it’s at.

    Thanks Jeff. I’m off to work on my OTO’s :)

  • Terrific Post. Thank you for the share..

  • Wow Jeff excellent stuff once again, I’m blown away by the value you provide and I can’t wait to see your new WSOs

    Once I learn more about internet marketing I plan to try this method myself

  • I have been tossing a couple of ideas around in my head for a number of years (maybe 5?) I would like to launch forward with it at this time. This seems like a wonderful plan. I will let you know how it goes.

    • Evelyn yes you should move forward with it especially since you have 5 years of experience… looking forward to hear your results!

  • Jeff, That’s truly a GREAT IDEA !! 1 problem w/ 3-4 solutions = kaching$. Very Good How long have you been doing the show (just herd about it).Have PC scheduled a reminder to catch your next show.Am curious about it. Keep up the great work

    • Actually its 1 problem 1 solution for the small products Ive been doing my weekly show for about 4 months thanks for asking

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