Get More Done By Noon To Enjoy The Rest Of The Day

One of the hardest parts of being your own boss is being productive.

It takes motivation to ‘get stuff done’ and without it you’re screwed in this business. I’ve studied and tried a ton of stuff to get me motivated and to actually get stuff done.

…even on bad days where I am not motivated and don’t feel like doing it – I still end up getting at least a few hours of solid work it without much actual resistance (the rest of the time I’m usually watching movies or doing something ‘fun’).

It wasn’t always this way… I had to re-program my mind to make sure I get real work done every single day I’m on the job.

I’m not talking about my designated ‘days off’ because those are important breaks that we all need which actually are great motivators to take action.

Okay I promised to shed some light on the ‘get done by noon’ method which I learned from a combination of products mostly double your productivity it works for me (it may not work for everyone).

This may seem like common sense, but the key is to get into a routine of doing business this way. First you need to identify your most important or most intensive task (require the most brain power).

Once you’ve done that typically the day or night before you are ready to go. First thing in the morning when you have done your personal morning stuff. You should plan on doing some uninterrupted productive work.

The important thing is to hold off distractions for later in the day like checking email, news, cell phone… (anything that will distract you).

This morning work ethic will soon become a habit and better yet, that hard work will sometimes carry on to the rest of the day and you’ll be shocked at how much stuff you get done.

Make a real commitment to do this and you’ll at least double your productivity.

Keep on keepin on and be sure to come back to check out more of my site if you like me

20 Responses to Get More Done By Noon To Enjoy The Rest Of The Day

  • Cool thanks for the tip this is really useful – Im going to try it

    I love your new blog!

  • Good idea, Jeff. Kind of an informative, down-to-earth, what’s happening now with me personally … with a dash of suggestions for helping improve your readers’ businesses. It seems to have all the ingredients for success … for EVERYONE! Thank you.

    • Exactly Ken, that’s what I’m going for

      thanks for the comment

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    • F*ckin’ remarkable things here. I am very glad to see your post. Thanks a lot and i am looking forward to contact you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

  • Morning Jeff!

    I’m getting better at structuring my time and l getting more done but still appreciate any advise I can get in this area.

    I wanted to send you a quick thank you too. Yesterday I was getting ready to submit a rather lengthy article when I happened upon an email you had sent me a while back. Watched the brief video and listened to your advise on writing shorter articles. So I took my original article and broke it up into a series of shorter ones.

    Anyway, I always look forward to hearing what you have to say.

    Good luck with the blog, take care!

    • Thanks Lesley

      Yeah 2 short articles could get you double the traffic (if not more) because you have double exposure and most people won’t read long articles so more will get to the bottom of your article then to your website link

  • Jeff – awesome post. I’m doing my dedicated morning work time right now from the coffee shop near my house. I find that sometimes it’s just TOO quiet and still in my home office in the morning. Getting out and around people actually helps me get the gears started. Everything else you said holds true though – no emails, no chats, no reading and commenting on blogs…. D’oh! I guess I need to get back to work. Thanks for the reminder!

    • ha ha I can’t work as well with people around I like my quite time, I get distracted easy so that’s probably why

  • Good advice Jeff. It will work only for “day” people however, and not for “night” people, and I am of the second kind myself…

    • I disagree… it doesn’t have to be mornings, it can be any time you dedicate in the day to start working on your business

  • Thanks Jeff, seems these days having a mentor and a list of buyers is the real way to start achieving success. Trying to learn everything your self can be way to time consuming and cost you way to much money.. not to mention the brain over load and and burn out that have some new Internet marketers wanting to just throw in the towel and give up.

    One has to have some of the all famous term ” learning curve ” but you get so caught up in it and before you know, it spirals out of control. Will leave you with the question, is there an end to the Madness? Be well, Jeff and will talk to you soon.

    • Hey John yes that’s one way to go… you can have a good business without a list. There’s several good online business models.

      Being stuck in learning mode is a huge problem and the reason it’s bad is because there’s too much incomplete and contradictory information which gives you too many options… resulting in lack of direction and action.

      The best way to go about it is to pick 1 model that you like and that you think will have the highest chance at success and just go for it full force, then assess the results in a few weeks or months.

  • Hi Jeff. How are you?

    Thanks for the post. Many people may not know it but setting up a routine is crucial if one wants to succeed because if you have a routine, you will also be consistent and consistent action is what will bring in the results!

    I wish you all the best with your new blog. :-)

    Kind regards
    Saqib Khan

    • Thanks Saqib totally agree

      Having that plan become an automatic routine is huge…

      Perfect example is when you start a workout routine, it’s hard to stick with it at first then over time it just becomes a habitual routine where you don’t even have to motivate yourself much to do it like you did before.

  • Hi Jeff

    Like the new blog, it’s shaping up well, managing our time is so important and certainly something we all need to be better at

    I find I work best in the mornings, I’ll be interested to see what else I can learn from Jason, he comes highly recommended

    Thanks for sharing Tony

  • I am so lazy my boss should fire my ass – unfortunately I work for myself so who would do the work???

  • Mr. Bernard Shaw’s remark “Do not do unto others as you would that they should do unto you. Their tastes may be different” is no doubt a smart saying. But it seems to overlook the fact that “doing as you would be done by” includes taking into account your neighbor’s tastes as you would that he should take yours into account. Thus the “golden rule” might still express the essence of a universal morality even if no two men in the world had any needs or tastes in common.

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