Application To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Are You Ready To Take Your Business To $5k, $10k... Per Month?

Dear Potential Big Money Maker,

I know you're interested in getting on the fast track to online success but THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE


Here's the deal, I'm only looking to work with those who take building an online business seriously I don't want you to waste your time or money if you are NOT motivated to do the actual work needed to get results.

I've worked with several coaching students in the past 3 years and I've learned 1 thing those who take action and do what I say always get results.

That is the most rewarding to me and that's why I've decided to focus most of my effort on working closely with those who have a drive to make the dream of having their ideal online business become reality.

Jeff What Qualifies You As An Online Business Coach?

Great question, I knew you would ask me that...

Here's why I'm different than most 'online business coaches'

Believe it or not most 'coaches' teach on what they were told about running a successful online business.. not someone I would want advice from!

I on the other hand built multiple businesses many outside of selling internet marketing products... not only that I've done it extremely quickly starting from virtually a $0 budget in 2008!

I also have connections with many successful internet marketers and I work closely with a private invite only mastermind that includes a top copywriter for multiple 7 figure launches, a few 6 figure marketers who work only a few hours per week and the leading WSO consultant name a few (I can cotact these marketers to get you even better results).

More importantly I know how to teach in an easy to understand way that gets results for either a beginner or advanced marketer.

My specialties include list building, traffic generation, website optimization, copywriting (specifically emails and sales pages) and time management.

My successful businesses which I run myself and can coach you through include affiliate marketing, product creation, offline marketing, and website flipping/replication.

I offer 2 types of coaching...

1 Results based coaching - This is where you want a specific result from a specific business model (or models)(example: You want to make $5k a month flipping websites) and I work with you to get that result in exchange you pay a set price.

2 Consultation based on a specific situation - This is usually hourly since I sometime have a hard time figuring out how much time will be needed to work through your situation (example: Your looking for ways to generate more business for a local real estate agent).

Here's How It Works

On the next page you'll see a form, fill it out to the best of your ability...

1 of 2 things will happen

1 I'll decide you're not a good match to work with me

2 I'll decide we might be a good match and I'll contact you through email or phone to schedule a time to talk - if spots are full I will put you on a waiting list, don't worry there won't be any high pressure sales tactics [be prepared to spend at least $200 for my coaching/consulting service]

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