What Is The Easiest or Best Way To Make Money Online?

Here’s a question that I have been asked several times and needs to be addressed publicly… so in the spirit of getting back to blogging I figured it’s a good starting place and a topic that could definitely use some discussion so please provide your input once you have finished reading this.

I’ll be honest with you, I struggled with this very topic and more specifically the topic of choosing business models, I’ve tried so many different business models, some of them worked for me some of them didn’t.

At one time I had five different business models going at one time, all of them providing a varying degree of results. Now my business has evolved into providing marketing goods & services for mostly small offline based businesses, even partnering with them. My online business is based mostly on building communities (a list of some sort) and providing solutions. I also have some passive income from various things I’ve done in the past.

I’m telling you this because; this is what is working for ME right now.

So back to the question:

What Is The Easiest or Best Way To Make Money Online?

The answer is unfortunately… it depends!

It depends on your specific, skills, interest and determination level

What are you willing to do & what would you enjoy doing enough that you will stick with it enough to see results (hopefully good ones)?

What skills do you have that you can leverage, that give you an advantage?

You don’t already have to have a skill, you can develop a skill as you take action.

Are you good at direct selling? (1 to 1, face to face or on the phone)

Selling services to businesses might be the best business for you!

Are you good at writing persuasive short ads?

Building list and communities might be the best business model for you!

Are you just lazy, want something you can do off and on?

Creating small affiliate promotions, doing paid ad campaigns, free ad campaigns, website flipping… might be just for you.

The point is think about YOU 1st, Not the latest and greatest, Not what a friend of yours or your favorite guru tells you to do.

Once you have identified your skills, interest and determination levels then you can move on to following that business model that will work best for you… developing your skills in that area, buying what you need and getting the right help, training & tools…

Also understand that some things will never work, this may be shocking to you but some so called experts are lying to you… telling you to do something that doesn’t work so be careful. The best way to avoid this is to focus on a more main stream business model, what model are a lot of people doing or teaching?

Finally develop a plan to put into action based on your schedule and then put it into action, improve the plan as you go, keep working the plan & make it a priority before TV, before checking email, before doing things that don’t really matter…

That is how you win, that is how you figure out the easiest & best way to make money online For You.

Does this make sense? What’s your opinion? What business model would you like me to talk more about?

Leave your answer below

What Did Walmart Miss In This Funny Commercial?

Walmart does a lot of things right in their marketing so it’s no wonder they’re the number 2 Fortune 500 company. Everyone once in a while they seem to miss something in their advertising and marketing. Today I’d like to show you a funny and overall good commercial released by Walmart. There is one big thing they missed during this commercial and it’s something that a lot of advertisers seem to miss. Check out the commercial below, then I’ll talk more about it

So what was that big thing they missed? A call to action! Sure they gave some nice benefits of going to Walmart versus another similar store but honestly without a call to action they’re missing out on easily $1,000s (probably a lot more).

They should have simply added a funny call to action at the end and this commercial and it would have been at least 5 times more effective. Something like, “Stop in to Walmart today because you’re not getting any younger.”

There you have it, a call to action that relates to the message, adds humor and most importantly gets viewers to actually want to go to Walmart soon because they were actually told to and were given a reason why (not getting any younger).

It’s Summer Time Lets Change Things Up

Whenever summer comes around I start to analyze my business, specifically what I’ve done since the start of the year. Many times I also choose to change things up a bit.

It’s super important to analyze your business and most people just don’t do it, primarily because it takes extra work and there sometimes isn’t direct results.

I like to enjoy my summers but I also no I can’t relax on my business otherwise my profits will go down and I won’t help as many people as I want to.

During my summers I typically go to my parents cottage and cruise around on the boat. It’s a great time and brings our family closer together, which is awesome. I also live in Michigan where we only get to enjoy 3 to 5 months of warm weather, so we’re more likely to take advantage of that time.

Anyways, I’ve made a habit to work hard every morning, then I can relax and enjoy the weather in the afternoon more often – it works out great and it can be a challenge to really focus and work hard every morning but it pays off once it’s a habit for you.

So that’s what I do, I encourage you to consider it

How To Minimize Risk That Come With Being An Entrepreneur

One of the things that’s hard to grasp in business is the fact that sometimes you don’t have a good idea of what you’re doing. It’s hard for some people to deal with that and the truth is all entrepreneurs have been in that situation. I know this from talking with some of my other entrepreneurial friends.

If you want to be an entrepreneur you can’t be afraid of learning things along the way, if fact you have to because things well definitely not always be as you planned. Almost everything I’ve done in my business has turned out in some way different than what I was expecting.

It’s hard to even have expectations, since in several cases you don’t know what the outcome is going to be.

One thing you can always do is learn from what happens and adapt to it. So if something goes better than you expected then put more focus on it. If it goes worse then you need to analyze if it’s worth your time and money, then figure out how you can potentially make it work better.

If you think everything is full of uncertainty it’s not, in fact the basics of business have always been there. New fundamentals have developed with technology but they’re still fundamentals and they should be used as a foundation for most if not all businesses.

An easy way to put this is if something has been working for a long time meaning several years (on the internet that’s a long time) then it’s most likely going to continue to work for a long time examples of this vary greatly from video marketing which is relatively new to copywriting techniques which have been around since the 1920s.

The main point is that you should base your business on a solid foundation (stuff that’s been working for a while) and then adapt to your specific situation due to uncertainty’s that come with being an entrepreneur.

How To Make $10,000 Selling Info Products In 13 Weeks

Here it is the moment you’ve been waiting for as you know from my previous post I was kind of lazy when it came to creating new products (even though I’ve released over 20 in the last 2 years – some I didn’t personally create)

Check it out, this one method I’m sharing with you right now can make you over $10,000 selling information products – take it seriously. Listen the truth is creating info products is one of the best  ways to make a nice chunk of change FAST!

You need to find out what people want and then over deliver for the price they pay, plus follow this simple plan below. Trust me anyone can do this and I know because I have coaching students (some who don’t have much experience) who have made over $500 from there first product – pretty cool right?

So here’s the ‘Big Master Plan‘ that I came up with…

1 Come up with a high priced product idea that you could sell for $97 or more (just create a quick outline of main topics if you want to) – I’ve also used $47 products.

2 Break that info down into 3+ potential 1 problem – 1 solution products or products on a very specific subject.

3 Create 1 low priced product and release it (try to get some JV partners and affiliates to mail for this) – Warrior Special Offers are the best way to go in the internet marketing niche (because of the massive traffic and affiliates already there).

4 Finalize your plan for your high end product and make a judgment call if you have enough customers from your 1st low end product launch to sell a decent amount of spots in your high end product. If you think you have at least a hand full that will purchase your high end product go ahead and release it (if not wait until you do step 5).

For high end products I prefer to have a live Webinar class… it allows for interaction and questions/ideas to come up from the customers which usually leads to a better product.

5 Release your second low end product and have your one time offer be your higher priced product. Keep in mind a one time offer is presented immediately after they pay for the low end product and at a discounted price.

6 Continue to release more low end products that all sell the higher priced product as your one time offer. You’ll get ideas for these products as you produce both your high end product and other low end products …it’s awesome how the mind works like that.

So that’s it, the awesomeness of this plan is that you can create a snowball effect because as you release more products you can appeal to more JVs and affiliates… this leads to more customers as you release each product and potentially bigger and bigger launches each time or an increase in the potential of 1 of those product launches becoming a home run winner.

Just make sure to build an affiliate list which you can use for each launch and to make things great for affiliates give them a good deal like a high percentage commission on the front end products, since you’re going to make good money on your back end product anyways (which you don’t have to pay affiliates for).

The one time offer is extremely important – when done right it will make approximately the same amount of money your front end product makes.

Be Cool and simply tell me how you would use the $10k info marketing plan by leaving a comment right now below…

I’ve Been A Lazy A#* About Creating Info Products…

I have to admit, I’ve been darn lazy…

Recently a few of my online marketing buddies helped me realize I’ve been lazy about is creating info products.

I fully admit that I have been lazy… and I’m glad they called me out and helped me identify the problem.

The real deal is I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring other areas of making money online. I’ve tried a heck of a lot of things and learned what works for me and what doesn’t work for me.

So now I’ve come to the conclusion that I can crush it, if I put in the effort to create some solid info products. I’ve actually shared my ideas for a few products and I’ve been told they should be winners. I’m also co-creating a product with a hard deadline… that should get my butt in gear haha.

Plus I’m pretty good at copywriting (writing sales pages) and I’ve improved my formula to ensure my copy is kicking butt.

Beyond that I have a plan in place including higher priced back end products which gives me a nice advantage.

So what does this all mean?

I’m not here to brag, the point was to show you that you should be doing what you know you’re good at, find friends to help you identify ways in which you are holding back from doing something that can make you some pretty solid money.

Develop a plan that will increase your profits. Put 1st what you’re good at and know will bring in a nice income, then spend extra time exploring new opportunities.

I’ll share my info product plan in a future article, be sure to watch for that and let me know what you think below…

Work Your Business From A Beach, Coffee Shop Or Mojave Desert Phone Booth

One of the best things you can do to have more freedom and still get work done is to make your business more mobile.The cool thing is with an online business you can work from almost anywhere like a beach, a coffee shop or even the Mojave desert phone booth (yes it’s a real place, but your reception my be bad).

I’m going to share a few things you can do to accomplish just that…

1. Get a laptop

I use my laptop 99% of the time and no longer use a desktop, personally I get more done with 2 monitors so make sure you get a laptop that can handle duel monitors you don’t realize how useful it is until you start using it.

My laptop is a 17″ HP and I love it because it’s big enough to easily get things done on, but the limitation is that it’s harder to travel with it. There are not many bags or carrying cases for a 17″ laptop.

2. Get a smart phone

This one is big, once you have a smart phone with internet access you’ll realize just how much more freedom you have to work wherever you want. I have an iPhone and the great thing about it is that there are a lot of cool apps which can allow you to get projects done where ever you are …even on the beach (believe me I’ve done it).

Plus it’s much cooler to carry around a smart phone than a laptop on the beach.

3. Get things synced an online

There are a lot of cool software and applications for syncing your smart phone with your laptop and storing more of your information online.

I’ll share a few that I’ve used the most (all are free)…

Evernote – this app allows you to store documents, notes, pdfs and multi-media… syncs it between your PC and phone. You could also store your stuff on your web server, I’ve done this by uploading content to a secure wordpress membership using wishlist. This way you can access a ton of content on you smart phone without allowing others to see it.

Skype – this can drain your battery fast on a smart phone but its cool to quickly check in and communicate with someone if you need to.

Google Voice – I use this to get all of my voicemails, the great thing is you can have them sent to your email (even in text format) or even make calls through Google voice. It’s definitely a cool app to have.

There are other ones but I’ll save that for another day, I’ve given you a ton of quality information you can use to make your business more mobile.

Accepted As A Bodybuilding Dot Com Affiliate

Good news one of my favorite sites just accepted me as an affiliate… I can now get a commission every time I send someone over to the bodybuilding.com store.

I’ve always found that the articles on the site are pretty good, as you may or may not know I got a bachelors degree in health fitness and rehabilitation plus I was also a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer and worked at the largest gym in the Grand Rapids Area in 2008.

It was cool because I got to meet a lot of cool people and teach as wells as talk to peers about working out and eating healthy… stuff like that.

Now I’m not a big health nut, but I know a thing or 2 about the subject. Plus I’ve been getting into selling physical products because there’s low competition so it’s easy to get a site ranked in Google and pulling in sales.

Join Me Live Every Wednesday At 8 PM EST (My New Marketing Show)

I’m excited to be part of a huge opportunity right now. I have joined a group of top online business owners to talk each week on talk marketing now.

If you’re unfamiliar with this new concept listen up, it’s basically a live stream like an internet TV channel where you can interact via live chat or by talking while showing your web cam or computer screen.

We all know internet and TV are becoming more and more similar. People love to watch it appeals to all senses that’s why YouTube is the number 2 most visited website.

Talk Marketing Now brings it to a whole new level and presents a huge opportunity for people of similar interest to interact with each other 24 hours a day 7 days a week that will soon revolutionize how you spend your time online.

I know because there’s already a group of addicted fans… and I’m starting to become one of them.

If you want to find out what its all about you can join me live on Wednesday at 8 pm EST or come anytime to see some of the other speakers at http://talkmarketingnow.com You can also see more info about my show here http://jeffbode.com/tmn.html

Don’t be surprised if it soon becomes the top visited site for internet marketers and online business owners.

Get More Done By Noon To Enjoy The Rest Of The Day

One of the hardest parts of being your own boss is being productive.

It takes motivation to ‘get stuff done’ and without it you’re screwed in this business. I’ve studied and tried a ton of stuff to get me motivated and to actually get stuff done.

…even on bad days where I am not motivated and don’t feel like doing it – I still end up getting at least a few hours of solid work it without much actual resistance (the rest of the time I’m usually watching movies or doing something ‘fun’).

It wasn’t always this way… I had to re-program my mind to make sure I get real work done every single day I’m on the job.

I’m not talking about my designated ‘days off’ because those are important breaks that we all need which actually are great motivators to take action.

Okay I promised to shed some light on the ‘get done by noon’ method which I learned from a combination of products mostly double your productivity it works for me (it may not work for everyone).

This may seem like common sense, but the key is to get into a routine of doing business this way. First you need to identify your most important or most intensive task (require the most brain power).

Once you’ve done that typically the day or night before you are ready to go. First thing in the morning when you have done your personal morning stuff. You should plan on doing some uninterrupted productive work.

The important thing is to hold off distractions for later in the day like checking email, news, cell phone… (anything that will distract you).

This morning work ethic will soon become a habit and better yet, that hard work will sometimes carry on to the rest of the day and you’ll be shocked at how much stuff you get done.

Make a real commitment to do this and you’ll at least double your productivity.

Keep on keepin on and be sure to come back to check out more of my site if you like me